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What Does a School Counselor Do? 
Professional school counselors promote positive attitudes toward self, family, peers, and the community. Counselors develop confidential relationships with students and families in order to provide support through academics, career choices, emotional, and personal and social development. Counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators to meet the needs of each individual child. A counselor works with everyone in the school system to provide a safe and positive learning environment.


Who Can See the Counselor?
A counselor sees anyone and everyone who would like to talk to someone. A counselor is a great listener and a safe person to talk to about any current or past problems you may be struggling with. Counselors keep everything confidential unless there is a safety concern regarding harm to oneself or others. If you are experiencing difficulties in any way, just need someone to listen, or if you have exciting news you would like to share, stop by the counselor's office.